Owner/Certified Injector

My journey in nursing began in the operating room, where I served as an OR Circulator across various services. My primary goal and approach in the operating room were to ensure the safety and well-being of patients during surgical procedures.

I transitioned to the role of Assistant OR Manager and then to Manager for Gynecology Services. In these roles, I orchestrated seamless operations, with my skills and attention to detail being crucial in maintaining a sterile and efficient surgical environment.

My dedication to patient care extended beyond the operating room. As a Clinic Nurse Navigator for the DM Foot Wound/Limb Salvage clinic, I played a pivotal role in coordinating patient care. This included scheduling surgeries, arranging home health services, completing durable medical equipment (DME) orders, and performing a variety of other duties to ensure that my patients received comprehensive care.

Furthermore, I provided pre- and post-operative instructions to patients, helping them navigate their medical journey with confidence and clarity. My compassionate and knowledgeable guidance significantly contributed to patient satisfaction and recovery.

With two decades of experience in OR management, clinic nursing, and patient care coordination, I am dedicated to improving the lives of those I serve. My passion for nursing and commitment to delivering exceptional care underscore my outstanding career in the medical field.

Drawing from this extensive experience, I decided to advance my skills into the aesthetics field. My goal is to help individuals achieve seamless aging through neurotoxins, offering a little pick-me-up whenever needed.

At Three Roses Aesthetics, I provide personalized, safe, and expert treatments to enhance natural beauty, boost self-confidence, and promote overall well-being in the comfort and privacy of my clinic setting located in Pottsboro, Texas 75076


Mission & Vision

Three Roses Aesthetics delivers specialized services in Botox near Pottsboro, Texas, and surrounding areas

Our vision is to redefine confidence through aesthetic experiences.